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Dennis Hall's written testimony, "The Love Story" and the first 7 chapters of his book about this amazing journey from the slavery of Satan, to the love,  joy, and peace of our Lord Jesus Christ->click


In Memory of Abigail (Abby) Smith Video Testimony: Terminal cancer wasn't in my plans. The storms of 2012-2013 have been unlike any I've experienced before and I couldn't have gotten through it without Jesus right by my side the entire journey. Honestly, I have come to know God's faithfulness in a deeper way than ever before. When life happens-whatever the struggles, loses, or tragedies, the list is limitless-just knowing that God is always there with love, peace, courage and grace to walk you through it is so encouraging.


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"Audio Testimonies"

Nita Warrens Audio Testimony

Nita Warren's Amazing story
Hear how the Lord has used this beautiful ladies tragedy to bring a fountain of life everywhere He leads her. She has spent nearly 40 years paralyzed and bound to a wheel chair, but that hasn't stopped her from being the light of the Lord! It wasn't always that way, but the Lord Jesus touched her in a very special way and now she is the salt and light of the earth, bringing the life of Jesus to everyone she comes into contact with. She is so full of the love of Jesus that she's contagious! Joni Eareckson Tada's story was what God used to spark her into her life of ministry!


Cindy Horn's Audio Testimony

Cindy Horn's Story
Cindy Horn's story will break your heart, years of torment and abuse by a father under the control of Satan himself. The freedom she experienced after finally sharing her secrets, begin to bring healing to her body which had been oppressed for years by MS. This story is very emotionally painful, but Jesus brought her through many years of sexual torment, and both mental and physical abuse. Jesus was all she had as a young girl scared to death, hear how He got her through and brought her to a wonderful husband of 34 years.  She went home to be with our Lord Thursday, March 4th, 2010. She has two awesome daughters and a husband who was there loving her through thick and thin. She has sisters and a brother who will miss her tremendously, and so many friends who loved her deeply. She was a light for "Steps of Christ Recovery" and her testimony was only recently recorded, her family wanted her life to continue to minister through this testimony.

Mark Presgrove's Audio Testimony

Mark has struggled for years with drug abuse and it's been a real battle that has just about taken everything from him. But he loves the Lord Jesus Christ and although he has fallen, he has fallen into the hands of Jesus. We are all going to fall at times, but if we are falling forward into the arms of Jesus He will get us through. I believe Mark is on his way back to being all the Lord had meant for him to be!


Michelle Johnson's Audio Testimony

Michelle's story is one of sexual abuse from early in life by many of her mothers boyfriends, then heavy drug abuse, to physical torture. Then she reached up and Jesus was there. Her life is one only Jesus can make happen and He brought her a husband that is one of a kind, a saint of a man, God sent). Jeff and Michelle Johnson are now well on there way to bringing up a Godly seed with their 6 children which are a delight!

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