"Steps of Christ Recovery"

Tuesday at 7 PM-Sunday at 10:30 AM & 6 PM: Regular Church

Come feel the Love of Jesus, be refreshed and encouraged.

Tuesday Service 7:00 to 7:30 PM: Be still, and know that the Lord is God" (PS. 46:10). Being still in today's busy world isn't easy--it takes continued effort. Tuesday first service is our time to be still and set at the feet of Jesus. He has many awesome things too say to us, to encourage and affirm us, unfortunately we are moving to quickly to hear! We teach on a variety of Jesus' teachings.


Tuesday Ladies Life Group 7:30 to 8:30 PM: Debbie Hall is building family in the ladies Life Group as they learn together the way God designed women to live. They are learning to become the Godly wives, mothers, and the spiritual ladies God had always intended women to be. With Jesus its never to late to become what we were originally meant to be! God's calling the ladies of the kingdom to come forth, stand up, and make a difference!



Tuesday Men's Life Group 7:30 to 8:30 PM : Men's Life Group. We are on a life journey of discovering God's purpose so we can become the spiritual leaders called us called us to be as men, husbands, and Fathers!


Saturday Night Life Groups 7 PM: Debbie Hall brings some unique new insights and revelations to the 12 Step Life Recovery journey This week begins Step 4 "We made a searching and moral inventory of ourselves.


Sunday Morning May14th, 2018 10:30 AM:  "The Transformation" Jesus said unless were converted / transformed in our thinking we would never be able to participate in the kingdom of heaven. Heavenly things are spiritual and to enter that dimension we must be converted or transformed into a whole new way of thinking-setting our minds and the mind of God. Invite a friend and come join us Sunday morning.


Sunday Evening Movie Night 6 PM: We take advantage of our giant new screens and sound system turning our sanctuary into a theater with great Christian movies each Sunday.


Sunday Morning Fellowship-coffee-fruit and donuts at 10:00 AM.

Prophetic Praise & Worship begins at 10:30--Message by Dennis Hall at 11:00

We often have incredible testimonies of someone's life being miraculously transformed. Look for the postings on this page. Come feel the love of Jesus and leave encouraged, refreshed, and leave with a new purpose in life! I promise you will not be the same after you set at the feet of Jesus. See top of this page for upcoming testimonies!

The one who lives for this life only will have eternity to regret it! If men consider as they ought what would be the end of sin, they would be afraid of the beginning of it!

If you are interested in supporting this ministry make checks to The Recovery Church Inc., P.O. Box 2117, Duncan, OK. 73534-2117

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