The Pain of Rejection
Early Seeds
Real Estate Days
Time Bomb
The Light
The Storm
A New Name

[New!]Testimony of Dennis Hall on DVD

A DVD of Dennis' testimony is now available. Click here to order. ($10 plus S&H)

Testimony of Dennis Hall

The short version "Love Story"->Click

Dennis has recently written another chapter entitled A Ticking Time Bomb. Click on it to read it.

Dennis has written a powerful chapter for his book describing the painful rejection he experienced in his youth. You can read it here:

 The Pain of Rejection

Dennis also read in Proverbs that God would give us a new name. He claimed that promise and watched God go to work changing his reputation and giving him:

A New Name

Listen to a recent sermon by Dennis Hall, former meth cook.

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Contact Dennis here:  dennis@deliveredfrommeth.com